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Extra Funds

by Layla

I need some extra money so I am going to find a job. I will have to work it into my schedule between school and watching Jerry Springer. It may be good bye Jerry for a while. I will welcome him back when I have finished the short-term job and have secured the necessary funds to get me through a cash crunch time. I have had such jobs before so I am looking for something a bit different than babysitting, tutoring or working at a fast food chain. I want something that will be fun if I am going to put in that extra time. I don’t want to dread going to the job every day. But time goes fast and it will be over soon. So I look at the student job market bulletin board and scan the offerings. Nothing looks good until a notice pops up in my line of vision: lifeguarding at a community pool. I take the notice and walk over to the address listed. It is a nice, but small, above ground pool suitable for an average group of children. It is open during the daytime only and one lifeguard should suffice. In ground pools tend to be on the larger size, so this should be a cinch. It is just hard for the lifeguard to dive in quickly if there is a pending problem.

I told the summer pool program coordinator that I have an eagle eye and would be ideal for the job with my flexible schedule. I had passed the lifeguard’s course months ago just for my own benefit. The coordinator wanted me to pass an exam, a kind of proof of knowledge and rules, and a refresher course that would take an hour since I had been recently licensed. Sure, I said, just say when. I liked the pool area. It was clean and accessible and there was a special lifeguard stand so I could readily see what was going on.

The job started a week later and I loved raking in that extra money while having a good time. I like kids and watching them frolic and play. They talked to me all the time. Apparently, I was part of the fun. The pool was busiest at lunch time and after. This was the time when I had to be most alert. I tried to always get enough sleep to be able to get to work on time and perform my job properly. No late night cavorting. My friends understood. There is a great deal of responsibility when you are a lifeguard. Kids get rambunctious and can dunk each other a little too forcefully. I had to talk to a few of them personally to get them to calm down. Occasionally a parent or two would be at the pool sidelines observing my reign. They told the coordinator that I was a good choice. He was pleased and offered to extend my contract an extra month.