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Have Hot Tub, Will Travel

by Layla

Owning or having access to a hot tub is not something I ever imagined. Being athletic and working out a lot, I do get my aches and pains, so it is not inconceivable that I would value a regular soak in the hot steamy water. Besides, friends love to use it and they drop in for a bit of water fun. I love the company and the spontaneous surprise of these visits. Just imagine. I have my own. It sits quietly on the back patio near a faucet so we can attach a garden hose and fill it at will. Then the temperature is set and we wait for the heating element to do its magic. It is pure heaven no matter what mood you are in. It can relax the worst grouch after a busy, hectic day. It can soothe an already happy soul.

So how did this all come about. My roommate and I were watching an ad for a portable hot tub on TV and it looked so inviting. We imagined hot tub parties and just time alone when we wanted a private moment to calm and collect ourselves. We saw that it offered many advantages and good times. If you have friendly neighbors where you live, a hot tub can be a hub of activity. So my roommate used her parents credit card to buy them a small unit. We insisted that it be portable as no doubt we will move at some future time. We want to be able to take it with us without great pains. You need to get a certain type that has collapsible parts and is made of separate components. Otherwise, it may rest in its first home forever. We decided that we would likely be roommates even in another location. Sure, we could move to an apartment complex that already had a hot tub, but what if we elected to rent a house. Our current abode had a huge first floor patio so it made it an easy decision to purchase the hot tub now and start to enjoy it. While we aren’t too worried about the next place we will go, we wanted to be sure the hot tub was movable without hiring a service.

So the hot tub was easy to install (as easy they said at the vendor as taking it apart). It takes one day of planning ahead so you give it time to heat up properly. Occasionally you need to clean it but it doesn’t need much more than a hosing off. If there are leaves or debris caught inside, a simple net on a short pole will take care of the matter. Maintenance-free would be an apt description for our hot tub. We use it often with or without guests and it is a great place to read, listen to music, or enjoy a glass of wine. If you make the right decision to go portable, you will have the thing for the rest of your life.