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No College Dorm Room is Complete Without…

by Layla

I love college life and will be sorry and sad when it is over. These are the best years. You are getting educating, learning about yourself and the world, and just having a really good time. Social life is your entrée into a successful future as you learn communication skills. But when all is said and done, you can do your best socializing over a plastic cup of beer (nothing to wash, nothing to break!).

College keg parties are notorious and have been the staple of life for students since time immemorial. In fact, no college dorm room is complete without a mini fridge to house some personal brew. Better yet is when you can join the group for an outdoor beer fest that revolves around a big kegerator. A what you say? Yes, a kegerator. This wonder machine stores, chills, and dispenses beer in a flash. They come in one to multiple keg sizes. It is a must for any dorm to have on collective hand.

Big fan of Jerry Springer that I am, I have to mention that I heard one mother complain on the show that her college son was getting to be a drunk at the age of 20 and was acquiring a beer belly way to soon. Yes, we have heard these stories before. She wanted help in controlling his behavior while away from home at school.

Kids often act differently when they feel independent and it is not always something to fear. It usually happens in group settings for short periods of time. A keg party is a way to let loose and feel free, something that is going to pass way to soon as we get entrenched in the responsibilities of adult life. Mom should come to one and see for herself that it is just a lot of harmless fun. If her son is talking too much about it, it is probably because he is popular and wants to share the news.

College students do get drunk, of course, and some wield that kegerator tap a bit too often at times. Hopefully there is a dorm RA to set limits. But in the long run there is also peer pressure to stay in control. After all, you want to pass your exams. You don’t want anyone to flunk out. Those who stray from the straight and narrow for too long hear about it for sure from their companions. When was the last time you visited a college classroom and found the students drunk and asleep? Not ever I bet.

Dorm life is a huge u-turn away from home. They tend to go a little nutty the first semester. Freshmen are notorious for overindulging because it is the first time. Then things tend to even themselves out. You learn how many beers you can toss back before your head starts spinning. Anyone who has ever passed out will not want to repeat the unpleasant experience. With these caveats, enjoying a keg party on campus can be a great part of college life and is not to be missed, teetotalers aside. It is a mixture of rebellion, social initiation, let loose abandon, and controlled ecstasy all in combination. It marks the entry into a new world of experience.