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The Political Affiliation of Jerry Springer

by Layla


A lot of people aren’t even aware of the fact that Jerry Springer had anything resembling a political career. Really, given what he would usually go through on the show, it shouldn’t be too surprising that he was something of a Ringmaster in real life. The world of politics isn’t so different from the world of the Jerry Springer Show, so the transition from a politician to a talk show host shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone.

Jerry Springer himself is actually in his early seventies. You’d really never to know to look at him, especially if you were in the process of watching him perform. He really seems to have the energy of a man half his age. Even when the show was in its prime, Jerry Springer himself was in late middle age. It’s like he’s been in his prime for a long time.

When people hear about Jerry Springer being involved in politics, one of the first things they will ask is what political party he was part of. You can usually guess the other person’s political affiliation based on what he or she will mention at that point. If the person is conservative, he’ll guess ‘Democrat.’ If the person is liberal, he’ll guess ‘Republican.’ Well, the conservative is right in this case, since Jerry Springer was a Democrat. However, I really do think that the conservative is right for the wrong reason in this case.

Really, just watching the show should be able to let people know that Jerry is at least relatively liberal. Conservatives usually want to ban this sort of sensationalist material unless they are able to use it to further their political careers. Democrats are the ones who are more likely to find it acceptable to air it on television. People spend a lot of time arguing about whether or not Jerry Springer is making fun of oppressed people or not on the show, but the fact that he had so many of them on the show at all should at least give people some pause for thought.

In the 1990’s, there were very few representations of LGBT people at all. Really controversial topics still had a hard time getting onto television. You still couldn’t show TV characters having sex and you had to do all of these suggestive tricks to demonstrate that they did, in fact, have sex. The audience knew it. The characters knew it. However, the producers still felt the need to hide it from us. It really does seem like just the liberal politician thing to try to break the silence on us. Jerry Springer is definitely not the kind of guy who you would think would be in favor of censorship, and he definitely was not.