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The Jerry Springer Show For Every Generation

by Layla

The Jerry Springer Show For Every Generation

The Jerry Springer Show has a legacy that some people love and some people hate. All I can say is that the Jerry Springer Show had a tremendous impact on all of television, and countless people all around the world absolutely loved it and still love it to this day.

The show is hardly a forgotten bygone from the 1990’s. It’s associated with angry members of Generation X lashing out at the world by enjoying the spectacle of odd people getting angry at one another. Speaking as a Millennial, I was a little kid when this show was at its peak in popularity, and I still think that it’s one of the most entertaining shows that was ever devised by anyone. This is a show that is being picked up by the new generation, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of the burgeoning members of Generation Z will pick it up as enthusiastically as the rest of us did.

I know that it is still a popular culture reference that the kids of generation Z can recognize. The Baby Boomers know it. A lot of people will speak of it derisively, but they will recognize it just as well as anyone else. The fact that this show has managed to become meaningful to so many different people is already really impressive in my opinion, and it speaks to the fact that the Jerry Springer Show touches on territories that a lot of people like.

Lots of shows pull away from controversy. They create this fake little sanitized world that won’t offend anyone. It feels like this just keeps getting worse and worse on television too, as if the producers are getting more and more scared of offending people, and they need to censor themselves in advance before they can really do anything. The Jerry Springer Show was never like that. Jerry never had any holds barred, which is part of what made the show so great in the first place.